Consulting Services

While all business decisions require a certain level of judgement, we at™ help marketing and business decision makers use even more facts and data to make better decisions.

By providing our customer and business deep dive profiles and analysis we better uncover opportunities, big aha’s and other focus areas to better align your strategies to your day to day operations and to move you forward on your journey to customer centricity.™ combines good data mining, profiling and analysis with world class research and competitive intelligence.

As all learning is iterative we are there to help you with your business strategies and execution plans as well.

Services Provided

  • Strategic Consulting Blueprinting/Road Mapping
  • Organizational Design/Training
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
    • CRM
    • Relationship Marketing
    • Digital and Social Marketing
  • Enterprise Data Strategy
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data Architecture
    • Meta-Data Mgt.
    • ETL Tool Selection
    • Data Quality
    • Marketing Technology Roadmap
  • Governance, Engagement and Interaction Models
  • Planning Process Development
  • Customer Experience

Services: CRM Project Example


Work Step/Strategy

Execution Phase



Problem Definition Data Requirements User Testing Success Metrics
Business Requirements/Scoping
What are you trying to do with CRM and Why:
    • Customer Identification
    • Sales Process Efficiency
    • Lead Management
    • Collaboration/Social Media


RFP: Build or Buy Decision.

  • Assess # of users
  • Assess Volumes(Customers/prospects)
Training/Communications Early Programs/Campaigns Campaign ROI
End State CRM Roadmap Solution Design Stabilize System Data Stewardship/Quality Ongoing Post-Implementation Advisory and Support. 100 hours x $150 hr. (Analytic Service Plan)
Process Mapping Implementation-Build Rollout of System in Phases Lead Generation
Identification of Quick Wins   Stabilize System User Setup
Success Measures     Database Maintenance
$400/hr $400/hr $300/hr $150/hr


CRM Example: Enterprise CRM Design and Rollout.  Most CRM projects are given seed money to do a roadmap and the business requirements for that particular enterprise and then a better project estimate can be established.  Any firm who tries to estimate costs or hours for a CRM implementation before requirements generally wrongly estimates by + or minus 50%.  So best practice is to do the plan and requirements to present the client with the most accurate picture.  The Pricing varies  depending on the level of customization of the solution.  Analytics that you are creating are a competitive differentiator.

Execution Support

Development and Execution

  • Capabilities Development and Optimization
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Vendor Assessment and Tool Kit Selection
  • Channel Optimization
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Interactive Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Targeted Advertising
      • Set-Top Box
      • Internet TV


  • Media Mix Optimization
  • Process Quality
  • Marketing Resource Management (MRM/MOM)
  • Creative Services Management
  • Test and Learn Agenda
    • Design of Experiments
    • Data Sourcing and Testing

Analytics Support

Measurement and Advanced Analytics

  • Marketing KPIs
  • Program Measurement
  • Business Performance
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Optimization Modeling
  • Segmentation and Insights
  • Marketing Research
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence
  • Multi-Channel Attribution/Net Measurement

Luminescent Framework:  Customer Profiling, Analytics and Insights Tool

The Luminescent framework helps firms conduct a deep dive on key customer attributes and profitability drivers that helps you shine the light on opportunities in your customer base.   

These opportunities include identifying new customer segments, and designing targeting strategies.  With this knowledge you can better understand your best customers and how to engage them to increase the relationship and maximize lifetime value.  This robust understanding can include your customer’s product depth, channel usage, sales relationships, Geographic's, demographics, firmo-graphics, satisfaction as well needs and attitudes. This behavioral data can be enhanced with social media and digital data to further mine your customer base for opportunities. 

 More advanced prescriptive/predictive analytics for attracting, retaining and deepening customers can be developed from this foundation. 

 Once we have built out the luminescent framework we can shine the light on previously un-answered questions such as:

  1. Who are my best customers and what do they buy from the firm?
  2. What value propositions do my customers want from my firm?
  3. What share of voice, wallet or mind do I have with my customers?