White Papers

Analytics at Work
Branda was acknowledged for his contributions to the research agenda for a book on Analytics and Data Strategy.

"Does Your IT Help Meet Customers Where They Are"
Branda was Interviewed by MIT Sloan on Customer Centric Interactions.

"Get a Better View On The Shoulders of Giants"
Branda is quoted for his point of view on Test and Learn and the impact of Marketing Programs on Financials/ROI.

"Marketer’s Preparing for a Complex Data Landscape"
Branda urged the audience to discover what data they really need.  He also predicted the CMO role will evolve.

"Automating Marketing Reaction to Customer Action"
Branda interviewed for Innovative Email Marketing Techniques.

"Data-Mining On The Fly"
"We believe that data mining is the future of telemarketing," says Tony Branda. "We use the analytics to improve our targeting effectiveness using both internally developed models and models at FutureCall,"

"6 Tips For Getting Mobile Marketing Right"
Branda part of a panel on Mobile Marketing. Mobile Devices are an essential tool in most users' daily lives, powerful tug on CMOs' agendas and budgets.