About Customer Intelligence

Since Launching in 2000, we have been a premier marketplace for practitioners and firms seeking knowledge, advice, and consulting support in key business areas. We specialize in:

  • Customer Intelligence and Data Strategy
  • Digital Marketing and Predictive Analytics
  • AI, Martech and Adtech, and CRM
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  • Analytics and Digital Bootcamps, Seminars and Training.
  • C level Advisory on Analytics and Digital Strategy
  • Analytics and Digital Marketing Career Coaching and Job Search.

With over 25 years of industry experience, we are proud members of the Forrester Customer Intelligence Leadership Boards and the American Marketing Association.  Whether it be figuring out how to connect your data, understanding your customer profile or installing and measuring the channels you need to engage and increase sales from your customer’s. Tony Branda and his team of digital, data and analytics experts can you help you navigate and build the right data, infrastructure, analytics and tools to operate in today’s Omni-Channel Digital World.

What type of things can we help with?

  1. Ensure your business is targeting the right customers.
  2. Help you build an Omni-Channel Blueprint to connect your data to engage your customers online and offline.

    • Data warehouse and Data Strategy.
    • Marketing Automation
    • Salesforce Automation
    • Customer Insights and Campaign Management.
    • Data Science and Predictive Analytics.
  3. Help you identify new qualified prospects for your business.
  4. Help you launch digital campaigns on the right digital marketing and analytics platform.
  5. Help you deploy social media and digital marketing channels.
  6. Help build AI, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics.
  7. Digital and Analytics Training and Bootcamps to increase understanding of these topics and increase buy-in.
  8. Advise the C level on the best approach to Digital and Analytics Strategy.
  9. Coach Digital and Analytics Professionals on Career and Job Search.

Create a Custom Digital CRM Plan with Insight from Our Experts

Work with our CRM/Digital consultants to develop and execute custom strategies that engage your customers and boost your return on investment. Browse our site to learn more about our customer intelligence and customer relationship management services. You are also welcome to call us at (917) 745-5538 for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you to make your endeavor a success.

Contact our CRM/Digital consultants for customer-driven marketing intelligence and data analytics. We proudly serve firms and private individuals globally.