• Chris Vinnicombe
    Client Representative at Acxiom
  • I worked with Tony Branda as my client at Embrace Home Loans, a fintech startup, focused on growing its business digitally. Tony and I worked closely to formulate the rollout and implementation plan of a comprehensive data and analytics platform to drive their Omni-Channel customer journey including digital and offline marketing. I was impressed with Tony’s ability to formulate the strategy and to quickly onboard a team to support the Omni-Channel Digital Initiatives. Tony is someone that is very sharp and quickly understands exactly what is needed in terms of a digital data strategy and data-driven marketing. I look forward to working with Tony in the future.

  • Jamie Ross
    Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Adobe
  • I worked with Tony when he was a customer of mine at Embrace Home Loans. He has a keen understanding of digital technology and the impact it has on business transformation. Tony is passionate, dedicated and definitely has his finger on the pulse of the digital marketing community. It was a pleasure working with him and I hope our paths cross again.

  • Jeff Warren
    Commercial Account Executive, Financial Services at Salesforce.com
  • Tony led the effort on a significant technology and cultural change on a project of which I was involved as one of the chosen vendors to participate in the evaluation. It was a pleasure to work with Tony as he clearly articulated and documented the requirements of the project, the timeline, and overall criteria for the decision making process. This level of transparency allowed my team to align the right resources with his team to ensure that the evaluation was completed in a way that allowed the customer to make the right decision with all the relevant data points.

    The level of organization and collaboration is what I have found implementations of large scale to be successful. Tony was fair, direct, clear, and understood what our firm needed to enable him and his team to make the best decision. As expected, what is seen pre sales is an indication of the relationship post sale, and this was the case with Tony as we continued to have a great relationship throughout.

  • Michael Darviche
    Managing Director, Bridge22 - Digital & Data Businesses - Growth & Transformation Services
  • Tony’s team worked with our CrossZ Consulting practice to build out a very unique partnership database between American Express and its travel partners. This ground-breaking opt-in Partnership Database or Partnerbased (as it was known) facilitated joint mining opportunities that increased marketing program lifts by targeting customers with unique characteristics in both databases. I was impressed with Tony’s ability to execute, brass tacks knowledge of analytics and strategic vision to apply the tools. Tony is a strong thought leader in the database marketing, business intelligence and analytics space.

  • Michael Heller
    Board Member, Community Choice Financial, Inc.
  • Tony is a very skilled manager who understands the role of information and analysis at both the strategic and execution levels. I greatly enjoyed working with him at several companies and found him to be someone who is a very good business partner. He is a very hard worker who has earned the loyalty of his subordinates and peers.

  • Cary Brazeman
  • Tony and I worked hand in hand at a client company of ours. I was external (hired to help manage Brand, MarCom and PR); he was internal, responsible for building the company’s customer base mainly through Aggressive Direct Marketing. No one is better at using Analytics to ID prospective customers and build relationships with existing customers. He was instrumental in putting the company on the map, and creating a valuable enterprise that later combined with the #1 player in the market to be a stronger industry leader.

  • Thomas Hessman
    President, Hessman and Associates
  • Tony has built an incredible department that is delivering world class analytics. His passion, leadership and cutting edge execution has been recognized through-out RBS Citizens as “best in class” by far. In addition, I always found Tony’s work to be Top notch. Tony was instrumental in helping improve processes in the business that lead to tighter audit controls. Tony proactively assessed our Campaign Mgt Process and introduced additional quality assurance procedures, as well as automated the process with the Unica Campaign tool. I have found Tony’s knowledge of Business Intelligence and Database Marketing to be top notch as evidence by the demand for his services and those of his team.

  • Donna Jenkins
    Recruiting Manager, Talent Acquisition Strategy and Delivery, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
  • I worked with Tony in Recruiting talent for the Customer Information group at Bank of America. He was new to BofA and acclimated very quickly to our environment. He was exceptional at bringing in qualified/diverse talent to the organization. Tony is a very creative leader that helped redesign some of the ways we looked at Customer Information. Tony is truly an “exceptional” talent and would do well in any organization.

  • Matt Mongoven
    CEO, Smokin' Oak Wood-Fired Pizza
  • I worked with Tony while I was the Senior Vice-President of Partnership and Brand Management of RBS in the US. Tony is a data driven marketer, able to draw from his varied experiences in financial services to make clear commercial decisions. While working with Tony in the US, I was always impressed that he was able to paint and see the big picture while also getting involved in the detail when needed. After moving to the UK to work in the UK business, I drew upon Tony’s expertise to solve some business critical issues, and over time Tony helped build out tools that have greatly improved business performance and has been instrumental in transferring knowledge across geographies. His energy, passion and enthusiasm for everything he gets involved in is a testament to the fact that he is a driven business professional.

  • Bennet Harvey
    Director, U.S. West Coast Digital Strategy, Wipro Digital
  • Tony hired me as a contract project manager for a Customer Information Management project across three divisions of Wells Fargo. Tony was highly skilled at envisioning the value of integrated customer information and getting buy-in from senior management and team members. He built, motivated and coordinated a huge and diverse nationwide matrixed team on a highly complex project that would have collapsed without his leadership. I look forward to an opportunity to work with Tony again.

  • Joseph Walter
    Quantitative Analytics Manager, Wells Fargo
  • I reported directly to Tony while working on the Franchie Wide Customer Segmentation build out at Bank of America and several years earlier he was a peer of my direct manager at Partners First at start up credit card company. At Bank of America Tony was the Director of Customer Information with the corporate marketing group and at Partners First he was the Director of Marketing and Analytics. Tony always demonstrated tremendous passion and vision as a leader. His keen insight on linking analytics and marketing allowed him to routinely be two or three steps ahead of the field. In both roles Tony routinely launched big rock initiatives linking his knowledge on Business Strategy with deep insight into Analytics to dramatically improve marketing performance. Tony definitely ranks in the top 1% of people I have met in Financial Services and was an excellent boss to work for. He invested the time and energy to grow his staff. It was a pleasure working for Tony Branda.

  • Jeanne Gale
    Chief Client Officer, Equifax Information Services
  • Tony is one of the most creative leaders I have every met. His thought leadership is helping to move his organization into one of the top lenders in their footprint states. Tony has been a database visionary and key influencer and has greatly shaped his organization information and knowledge strategy. I believe Tony would be a great fit in any marketing or analytical group that desires breakthrough thinking combined with business impact.

  • David Tomala
    Senior Manager - Content Analytics, Amazon
  • Tony is the sharpest leader I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for. He has a passion for technology, quantitative methods, and combining them to deliver superior business results. Tony’s is a regular presenter and discussion moderator at industry forums and symposia, a testament that his knowledge of the customer is second to none. He is known by, and regularly collaborates with the brightest and the best. As a leader, Tony is relentless in equipping his team with the resources they need. He empowers his people to make the tough choices, and he exudes a positive energy that raises everyone’s level of commitment. Finally, Tony is a shrewd student of the organization. He identifies risks and opportunities with equal ease, and quickly recruits support from the highest levels of the business. All in an effort to ensure that his team remains not only relevant, but critical to business success, and to seeing that success benefit the broader business. I’ve been very fortunate to work for Tony, and no one should pass up the opportunity to collaborate with him.

  • Dean Papadopoulos
    Health Technology Startup Mentor, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV)
  • Tony worked for me at Partners First as my SVP of Marketing. He did a fantastic job managing our direct mail and telemarketing programs and resources, and advancing our data-mining and marketing analytic capabilities. His efforts contributed strongly to our achievement of a home run for the company’s investors when Partner’s First was sold in 2000.

  • Ceil Sculthorpe
    Partner, Imagine Technologies
  • Tony is one of the brightest and most energetic people I have had the pleasure to work with. His intense curiosity, willingness to experiment, and relentless drive to measure, analyze and improve were essential as we were starting up the database marketing and analytics department at MBNA. Tony works extremely hard, but he couples his intense focus on the business with a fantastic and quirky sense of humor and an ability to get along with everyone. He is not afraid to dive into the numbers, find patterns and challenge conventional thinking. He loves a challenge and thrives on ambiguous situations where he can help define, as well as deliver, the solution. I would be delighted to work on a team with Tony again.

  • Moez Hababou
    Director, Head of CCAR Modeling, BNP Paribas
  • I worked for Tony Branda for over 2 years. I found Tony to be one of the most visionary leaders I have ever met. He is relentless in looking for new opportunities and ways to improve the current state and push the organization to become a truly analytical competitor. He believes in Analytics and always ensured his team had the tools and resources needed to deliver high impact solutions. He always encouraged us take on new challenges, be creative, and add value. Under his leadership, the Decision Science team grew significantly and became a fully-integrated part of the Decision-Making process at RBS. I enjoyed working with him and offer my highest recommendation.

  • Bijon Mishra
    Owner, President & CEO, Saradian Assoc., Inc.
  • At Wells Fargo Cards, I worked with Tony in designing and implementing a targeted direct mail solicitation (with telemarketing follow-up) program that maximized response, corrected for adverse selection and enhanced initial line utilization of new cardmembers, thereby enhancing profitability per account. Tony was a quick study in executing this complex program to a high level of excellence. He was quick to comprehend the analytical background and achieved high program yields at a low cost per account acquired. I highly recommend Tony and wish him all the best in his Marketing/Analytical career.

  • Janine Soika, MBA
    Director Programs & Partner Recruitment, Wholesale, Alliances and Indirect Channel, CenturyLink (Formerly Qwest)
  • Tony is an outstanding professional. He is very strong in marketing and database analytics and can quickly sort through reams of data to decipher meaningful information. He drives his team’s forward and is highly effective in presenting and promoting new business ideas to the “C” level. I would recommend Tony to any organization looking for a market driven leader who takes action and produces outstanding results.

  • Jamie Breen
    Assistant Dean, MBA Programs for Working Professionals, UC Berkeley
  • Tony understands customer information inside out – both the quantitative and qualitative aspects. He brings both innovation and discipline to the analysis and a focus on the bottom line.

  • Mike Duffy
    Multichannel Marketing Consultant, Quad Graphics
  • I had the privilege of working for Tony at Bank of America. Under his tutelage, we were able to create one of the most dynamic CRM programs in the industry. We incorporated all of the key elements of a customer that would aid in their development and lifetime value for the bank. Even today, there isn’t any bank program that can match what we built at Bank of America. We were able to develop these programs and pilot them during a period of tremendous transition at the bank. Mergers with Fleet-Boston and the shift of corporate activities from California to Charlotte after the Nations Bank/Bank of America Merger presented many challenges. Even though Tony was based in SF and I was based in NC we were able to stay on the same page. The mergers and transition of corporate responsibilities eventually led to a decentralization and disbanding of analysis teams. Tony always built his programs grounded with customer insights and an eye on performance. Not just ROI, but real long-term customer development. If any corporation wants to improve customer understanding and growth, I would recommend they take a serious look at Tony.

  • Jerry Bernhart
    Principal, Bernhart Associates Executive Search LLC
  • Tony is a world class talent. He has been on the cutting edge of customer insight-driven marketing for more than 20 years, and his deep bench strength truly sets him apart. But he is far more than a widely recognized subject matter expert. He is a highly effective leader, he is innovative and about as knowledgeable as they come in Business Intelligence and Database Marketing. He is held in the very highest regard by those I know who have worked with him and for him. Tony is a gem.

  • Tracy Murgash
    Vice President, Client Management and Customer Experience, Aon Risk Solutions
  • Tony hired me in my role as Senior Telemarketing Strategist at AS Kleeman and associates 4 different times: Wells Fargo, Partners First, Property First and Bank of America. Tony and I pioneered with an outsourced vendor the concept of “Data-Mining of the Fly” which essentially involved multiple rounds of data-mining and modeling both internally at the client company and in real time at the telemarketing vendor. Our work in the real time modeling space was so innovative it made the Cover of Target Marketing Magazine in September of 1999. The Direct Marketing and Telemarketing programs that Tony designed always exceeded expectations. One program we worked on together was so successful it effectively lead to a tremendous growth rate in the firm’s customer base which made the company an attractive investment proposition from competitors. Tony Branda’s energy and unique creativity and business brilliance has fueled billions of dollars in Balance growth for company’s who are smart enough to leverage Tony’s talent appropriately. Tony would be a valuable asset to any organization.”

  • Mark Weber
    Manager, Sales Process Optimization: Quality and Productivity, Embrace Home Loans
  • Tony and I worked together at Bank of America as SVP’s/Executives in the Customer Analysis and Marketing Research (CAMR) team. In fact, I interviewed Tony and was instrumental in convincing him to join the company. This Centralized function provided Customer Insights to over a dozen Retail Business Partners. Tony and I partnered on building out the first Cross Company Customer Segmentation Strategy with Maritz Research and Argus Information Services which lead to an increased focus on targeted cross sell. I have always found Tony’s work product to be top notch and he was widely recognized as an expert in applied business intelligence and Database Marketing. Tony’s deep bench strength and industry knowledge enabled him to build out a skilled team in SF and Charlotte NC. The CAMR function was slowly disbanded and the teams based in California were slowly moved to Charlotte NC. I highly recommend Tony for any leadership role in Business Intelligence, CRM or Database Marketing.

  • Alan Gorenstein
    Senior Business Leader and Head of Global Marketing Analytics, Mastercard
  • Tony Branda is highly skilled at creating detailed 5-year plans that encompass organizational structures, information technology and customer insight functions. His deep experience in data management is clearly evident in these initiatives.

  • Dick Keto
    Senior Vice President - Enterprise Information Management, Citizens Financial Group
  • Tony Branda is a leader I have worked for in two different organizations; Wells Fargo and RBS Citizens Financial Group. Tony is a Boss that I followed from the west coast to the east coast as he is an outstanding people leader and someone that I trust. Tony is a leader that has both outstanding subject matter expertise and competency and good people skills. Tony’s knowledge of applied business intelligence is second to none. Tony is a recognized industry leader in Database and Direct Marketing and Applied Business Intelligence. I would strongly recommend Tony for a leadership role that requires a deep understanding on how to leverage information and analytics in a customer-centric strategy to increase revenue and measure the impact of the effort.

  • Smita Quinn
    Marketing & Operations Director, Patrin Pharma
  • Tony built the analytics framework for our small business eCommerce work and for the Consumer Real Estate cross-sell program. He is excellent at starting with a clean slate and coming up with innovative approaches to building a world class information system. Tony paid careful attention to building relationships with all of the business partners, and understanding the real business needs. Tony was a pleasure to work with because he could see the forest and the trees.

  • Naras Eechambadi
    CEO, Quaero
  • We worked with Tony on a marketing measurement and customer scorecard project. Tony has great breadth and depth of experience in financial services marketing, spanning the technology and analytics that are needed to be successful. He was great to work with.

  • Darcy Bevelacqua
    VP Customer Experience Consulting, Success Works CX
  • I worked with Tony Branda when he was the EVP Head of Marketing Support at Advance Publications. Tony managed a staff of personnel in various locations and traveled constantly in order to provide them with the support they needed. He developed an enterprise wide plan to leverage CRM tools and technology across 31 print and 12 on line properties. His plan included building a common data repository, integrating data and analytics to understand the current customers, and testing to increase the ROI. He sought to leverage existing assets and build new business opportunities in order to deliver bottom line results. He had to sell the various properties on his vision, develop a tactical plan for implementation and manage a team of consultants and employees in order to execute. He is a strong leader, teacher, mentor and visionary. He combines strategic thinking with practical implementation skills. He is a high energy CRM executive who can build teams, obtain management buy in and problem solve his way to success.

  • Karen Johnson
    Project Manager, Citizens Bank
  • I reported to Tony Branda in my role as Project Manager for the Division Wide Consumer Finance Data Warehouse Initiative. In my role I work closely with Tony as my Executive Sponsor for nearly a year. I was very impressed with Tony’s ability to keep this large cross functional initiative aligned to the original scope. Tony was a supportive leader and always knew his role and how to balance executive presence, with being directive with getting out of the way and letting the team get the job done. I value this as a unique skill as it shows leadership in managing people and being highly collaborative and a team player. Tony’s project later became the pilot for the Enterprise Data Initiative and all of his deliverables were on time. The fact that his project moved forward is a testament to his leadership ability. I was very impressed with Tony’s subject matter expertise in the analytics, marketing and data warehousing space. Tony is a broad leader and is widely regarded as a expert in his field. It is my pleasure to recommend Tony Branda for any Executive Position in Business Intelligence, Analytics or Marketing.

  • Tim Kasida
    Sales Director, Unica Corporation
  • Tony has been a strategic partner over the past several years. We have work together to improve & automate marketing processes at RBS and we continue to working to implement future innovations.

  • John Valente
    Senior Vice President - IS Readiness and Efficiency Office, Wells Fargo Bank - Retired
  • I worked with Tony when he was with Wells Fargo – I found him to be professional, knowledgeable and a great partner. I was the CTO for the Consumer Credit Group and Tony’s team worked closely with us. I found him to be a great partner.

  • Patrick Lilley
    Marketing Operations and Governance, Wells Fargo
  • I worked with Tony at Wells Fargo a few years ago working on a large marketing database initiative. Tony decided to pursue getting Green Belt certified and I had the pleasure of coaching him through the process. He has a natural inclination to the methodology and was very easy to coach through the DMAIC process. Some of the key areas that he particularly excelled at were the application of DMAIC, SIPOC and CTQ’s to improve campaign and analytical processes. I know Tony to be a big Champion of leveraging quality and productivity principles to improve process quality with a specific emphasis on how these techniques improve Marketing Processes.

  • George Ling
    Business Consultant, SG Elling
  • Based on my positive work experience with Tony Branda at American Express, I accepted a position at Bank of America working for Tony in Customer Information and Analytics. I had faith that with Tony’s leadership, my cross-country move to accept the BofA position would be a significant career opportunity. Tony hires experienced, knowledgeable people, gives them the necessary tools, and trusts that they will perform and produce results. Tony is not shy about offering guidance but he is not a micro-manager. His oversight style is that of a coach – discuss and agree on strategies and tactics with his team and then allows them to execute with regular updates. His team approach to management (“we’re all in this together”) would be one more reason why I would work for him again. Multiple mergers (Nations/BofA and BofA/Fleet/Boston) created an environment which made it difficult for me to continue working with Tony – the bank was phasing out analytic teams in CA in favor of a centrally located team in Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, relocation was not an option for me. If the right opportunity presented itself, I would again work with Tony.

  • Patti Chaves (Thibeault)
    VP, Senior HR Manager, Southern New England, TD
  • Tony is a very talented,well networked Marketing Executive. He is a strategic thinker, has great analytical skills and a strong drive for delivering superior results. One of Tony’s strongest traits was his grounded approach with his staff and peers. I enjoyed working with him and supporting his team and his collaborative style.

  • Annette Giordano
    EVP, Head of Business Development, C2G Partners
  • Tony worked for me in Database Marketing at American Express. At that time, our business partners worked with the merchants who accepted the card and we handled CRM via segmentation, analytics, program development. Tony delivered high-quality work with the energy and focus on the customer that is still evident in his current contributions. He forged excellent business partnerships and utilized his CRM knowledge to directly and positively impact bottom-line business results. I appreciate having him in my network today and would look forward to an opportunity to work together again.

  • Yasmin Melendez
    Senior Director, Global Events Content Development, Mobile Marketing Association
  • I had the pleasure of working with Tony in several capacities while programming NCDM- The Conference for Engaging Customers Using Data & Technology. I first worked with him as part of an invitation-only Program Advisory Committee, where Tony was a thought leader. Tony had a pulse on the challenges and opportunities as it related to analytics and kept me up-to-date on trends that were affecting the industry. He was very helpful in identifying key topics that ultimately became breakout sessions at the conference. Tony was also a speaker and willingly shared his expertise with fellow attendees.

  • Sunder Raman
    Strategic Advisor, uSell.Com
  • I worked with Tony Branda while he led the Retail Marketing team at Bank of America. Tony forged a successful partnership with the Card Services marketing and analytics teams to identify and execute on significant cross-sell opportunities. Tony also helped break down silos at Bank of America by sharing customer insights and segmentation across business units. Tony particularly impressed me with a blend of strategic thinking combined with an ability to drive execution of effective marketing campaigns.

  • Leigh Carr
    Marketing Manager, Wells Fargo Consumer Lending - Card Services
  • I partnered with Tony on large Wells Fargo Marketing strategies. He represented Lending and I represented WF Enterprise. Tony was one of the top Marketing sponsors that understood and managed strategies for Lending’s Customer Information group. Tony is very professional and has a deep understanding of customer marketing analytics. He is able to formulate strategy at the highest level, then articulate every goal and deliverable to large groups. I found him to be a great partner and significant contributor to Wells Fargo Enterprise and our goal – One Wells Fargo. His ability to quickly grow knowledge of a corporation and then apply his talents/skills was critical in contributing to the goals and strategies that are still being utilized today within WF.

  • Frank Faughnan
    Chief Risk Officer, RBS Citizens Bank
  • Tony possesses a thorough understanding of the critical dimensions necessary to build an efficient and effective data analytic environment. His partnership and leadership skills enabled his team to provide validation of several scoring models for the Risk department to enhance business strategies.

  • Anne Murphy
    Sr. Communications Manager at Advance Local
  • Tony was instrumental in establishing a digital marketing function in a division of Advance Publications. Tony brought the company a disciplined approach to digital marketing, As part of his team, I watched him educate senior leadership and the organization on the need for customer intelligence as a basis for marketing automation; the company still uses the insights he provided and the tools he recommended.

    Tony combined strategic thinking with a tactical implementation across 31 print and 12 online businesses. To do so, he influenced key leaders across those businesses and drove change across the organization.

  • Maimon Said
    Director, Business Operations & Strategy - Citibank
  • Tony and I worked together at Citi in the Consumer and Commercial Bank including Real Estate Secured Lending and Retail. In his role as Head of Analytics he managed a global team of analysts who were responsible for the digital, direct, and database marketing programs and all associated analytics for the business which included a variety of cross functional partners.

    Tony’s strategic planning, attention to detail and outstanding technical skills were demonstrated by launching numerous advanced analytical functions enabling optimal revenue growth for a multi-billion-dollar business. For example, the team implemented 50 plus predictive models to maximize customer acquisition, cross sell and retention campaigns. Tony’s leadership skills coupled with his ability to be hands on in the process were an integral part of the team’s success. One of Tony’s interesting features is his focus on bringing external best practices to everything that he did. Tony is a collaborative leader who was recognized by his staff and peers as being good to work with.

  • Anurag Agarwal
    Financial Services Strategy, ex-Citi, ex-Morgan Stanley, ex-Booz & Co
  • Tony was heading the Consumer Decision Management at Citi and managed an organization of over 130 people in various geographies globally. I reported to Tony on some of the key corporate wide strategic initiatives where we worked on Omni-Channel and Cross Sell marketing strategies and analytics with the Mortgage and Cards teams as our main internal clients. Over three years we were able to improve the cross sell ratios by 10% above baseline through the application of applied advanced analytics. I always found Tony to be a fair and approachable leader and he is someone I would gladly work for again in the future. Tony was fantastic at leading through extreme change, getting involved in analytics project details and had a respect for analytics as a discipline and definitely made the consumer bank more analytical. Tony was awarded “Partner of The Year” for his collaborative style across functions, and was best known for his role in designing the right organizations, marketing campaign automation and advanced analytics.

  • Suzanne Mink
    AVP Consumer Lending at Connex Credit Union
  • I worked for Tony as the leader of campaign management and marketing operations for RBS Card Services. Tony stands out among transformation leaders in that the work we did together resulted in many innovations being adopted and tested from new database approaches to enterprise marketing automation. Tony left a legacy at RBS/Citizens by increasing the focus on data driven decision making. Several strategies Tony and I worked on morphed into major database platforms and initiatives that still benefit the bank today. What was unique about tony is his best practices focus combined with an ability to execute as well as an eye for process improvements. Tony was a good leader and developed his people, many of his Directs made it to the SVP level under Tony’s watch and several folks achieved career advancement. While tony had high expectations I remember that he always supported and rewarded his people for their achievements.

  • Dawn Donnelly
    Senior Vice President, Sales Strategy - Fiserv.
  • I worked closely with Tony in his role as Head of Marketing Support Services at Advance Publications. The work that Tony and I did at Advance was ground breaking in that we built the entire Data and Digital Marketing Strategy and Platform from the ground up. This included collaborating with 39 business units across the U.S.

    We deployed such tools as Salesforce.com and the Adobe Marketing Cloud. We provided the firm with a clear CRM/EMM Strategy and roadmap that resulted in a significant digital revenue recapture given the revenue runoff from the print business.

    Tony was best known for laying the Data and Digital Analytic foundation that the company still leverages today. Tony is someone that knows exactly what is needed as he is a Guru level expert in Database Marketing/Omni Channel and Digital Analytics. Tony is someone that thinks both horizontally and vertically (rare in my opinion) and connected the dots between the data and the execution platform.

    Key Strengths and interesting traits of Tony his ability to execute programs with positive results and the ability to convert complex data analytics methodologies to their strategic implications. Tony was well regarded as a fair level headed leader and expert and was good to work with. I always felt I could learn something new about the industry, the techniques and best practices from Tony. He is one leader I would work with again in a heartbeat.

  • Manish Shah
    Digital Marketing and Big Data
  • Tony is one of my favorite mangers that I have had in my career. One of the reasons is because he is not just a manager/supervisor but an educator who likes to teach the people who work with him. If you work with Tony you learn a lot about database marketing, customer insights, analytics, and big data. Tony had a huge impact on my career and where I am today. I appreciate his guidance and I recommend him for any position out there. He has great vision and is extremely knowledgeable in his space. I am fortunate to have cross paths with Tony and the opportunity to work for him.

  • Susan Murray
    SVP Operations - US
  • Tony and I have known each other for quite awhile – dating back to Ernst & Young and Wells Fargo! We have stayed in touch throughout the years, and then had a chance to work together again at Embrace Home Loans recently. He is one of the most knowledgeable chief executives I know in marketing automation, digital insight and brand analytics and data science. His ability to manage and motivate his team, along with keeping them focused on the most important initiatives to get done is also a key skill of Tony’s. And just as importantly, his leadership and professionalism as the CDO at EHL was terrific and it was a great pleasure to work together on their marketing roadmap. I look forward to working with Tony again as he is a true data scientist and a great friend!

  • Rhiana Toledo
    passionately curious and continuously evolving marketer in the age of digital and big data
  • I’ve been a student of Professor Branda at NYU. He has depth and breadth of knowledge in customer intelligence, database management and modeling principles that have helped me develop business solutions in job opportunities that I have pursued.

  • Khushbu Singh
    Account Director at Ogilvy & Mather, Bengaluru, India
  • Passionate and committed is what comes to mind when I think of Professor Anthony Branda. I was fortunate to have him as my professor and mentor for a customer intelligence class during my MBA program at Pace University in New York. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have come across in this field. His command over the subject matter, his understanding about data analytics and its application in the business world is impeccable. He is very well networked in the industry and managed to call multiple people for guest lectures and workshops for us in order to better understand the subject matter and its application. Professor Branda has an unparalleled knack of simplifying and presenting business problems and then guiding students to think out of the box in order to come up with best solutions. His role does not just end in the classroom but he continues to mentor and guide his students even long after they have graduated. He has been a constant guide to me and I am sure that he will succeed in any endeavor he sets his eyes on.

  • Amrita Mutha
    Associate Manager, Search Marketing - IAC
  • I am writing this recommendation as I thoroughly enjoyed Professor Branda’s course in Customer Intelligence and Analytics at NYU SPS. Professor Branda helped me truly understand analytics, databases and digital marketing and how they are applied in the real world. Truly an outstanding Professor.

  • Sachith Vitta
    Market Research | Consumer Insights | Masters in Customer Intelligence and Analytics
  • I studied Customer Relationship Management under Dr. Branda. His passion, experience and expertise on Analytics, CRM are evident in his lectures. His knowledge on topics ranging from technology to implementation of Analytics and CRM and to its effects on business is amazing. I like his approach to learning. I was able to learn the concepts well because his lectures emphasized on connecting each concept to the real world business and how important each step is in the entire chain of events related to business. Making students work on projects with his continuous guidance helped me in great learning. His feedback was well thought and deep. He is very helpful as a person, resourceful and accessible to students. I would love to be a part of his class again.

  • David Fleischmann
    Customer Intelligence Analyst
  • I studied Customer Intelligence under Professor Branda. He is always willing to go the extra mile to mentor his students, and help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. He gave great advice during my job search, and wrote amazing letters of recommendation to potential employers on my behalf. Prof Branda has many years of experience in the field and deep insight into marketplace needs past, present, and future. He is a huge asset to anyone interested in measuring, understanding, predicting, and ultimately influencing customer behavior.

  • Fatma Al Sulaimani
    Recruitment and Manpower Planning Manager, Oman Refreshment Company (SAOG)
  • I took Statistics, Market Research as per core subject for my master’s course with Professor Branda, all I can say that he has changed my thinking mind to look at analytics besides qualitative information. Despite that I am not a fan of analytics, he had made the subject very interesting and enjoyable through giving us the chance to practice a real research methodology and the use of the analytics software such as Qualtrics and SPSS to analyze our findings. Moreover, he has supported us throughout our project process that gave us confidence and encouragement to work hard on the project to deliver outstanding research results.

  • Suoyu Weng
    Integrated Marketing Manager at Heartland Society
  • Tony was an amazing professor at NYU. He is knowledgeable and is extremely dedicated to his students. He really wanted us to do well in the class and would do anything to help. For example, he sent lots of practice problems and case studies in order to inform us of the best practice in the industry. He also provided thoughtful feedback about our projects. He is very accessible; he responded to emails quickly. Tony was also patient in answering students’ questions and concerns. I have learned a great deal from him.

  • Laura Rifkin
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing at Mount Saint Mary College
  • I took two of my electives in the doctoral program with Tony Branda: CRM and Customer Intelligence. True to the subject of CRM, he delivered a customized experience which allowed us to get the most out of the class. There was a strong connection between the technical and quantitative elements of the field to the importance of applying them strategically. Students who did not have a technical background felt comfortable and grew tremendously from the experience. He provided extensive knowledge, experiences and resources to the table that will be invaluable on an ongoing basis. The course also provided hands on experience in getting to really understand the platforms, current practice and best cases.
    Always approachable and accommodate, I would recommend these classes to anyone going into any field.