Recent Client List

AIG: Created a digital dashboard to measure various functions in real time working with a variety of C level and other cross-functional players. This Strategic Management Capability lead to faster access to department and divisional results facilitating up to real-time course correction by leadership. Hiring Client: The Chief Data Officer. 

Accenture Asean: Helped design the go-to-market plan which included launching a variety of digital marketing and analytics programs for a major bank in Thailand. These programs enabled the bank to take advantage of an all-new digital nervous system which led to an increase in leads, sales as well as higher digital customer engagement. Provided digital org design, and fintech lending best practices. Hiring Client: Managing Director and Head of the Asia Region. Bank Client: Chief Strategy Officer.

A Top 30 Monoline Mortgage and Fintech Startup: This lender was one of the fastest growing midsize firms and needed our help to swiftly put over 30 digital and analytics professionals on the ground in New York through our vast network (8000+ professionals on LinkedIn and Twitter). Also, designed and implemented a new CDAO organization and helped deploy an all-new business architecture and digital omnichannel open garden by onboarding best in class partners and software such as Salesforce, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Acxiom/Live Ramp Open Garden Platforms. The enhancements lead to an increase in booked loans, higher salesforce engagement and the cultivation of better digital leads from more sources. Hiring Client: The CEO and his direct reports. 

New York University: Helped design a new curriculum to help educate analytics and integrated marketing professionals on how to be a good consumer of analytics as well as how to perform analytics and to set up test and learn strategies through leveraging the best tools for the current marketplace such as SAS and R. Hiring Client: The Dean of the School of Professional Studies.