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Business ImageIn order to prepare the next generation of marketing and analytics professionals we have developed a carefully well-crafted lecture series which can be delivered to individuals or teams within a business digitally.
The lecture series was developed based on over 25 years of experience in the practice of analytics, CRM, database marketing and business intelligence.
This evolving lectures series, in the form of modules, provides the foundational theories, skills, strategies and practices that enable you to become a leading edge practitioner of marketing and customer intelligence.
The lectures evolve from data to information to knowledge and finally helps you understand how to create strategic applications of analytics and data driven marketing.

With a one Year membership you will gain access to all Pdf’s and content for your membership level.

Training and Work Shops

LectureWe have developed several 1 Day workshops for companies and individuals to build up their knowledge and core competency in Marketing and Analytics.
Each workshop is built on a particular focus area that you the client identify as a particular use case and we then included tailored examples based on a discovery session. Workshops may include a demonstration of the software and other tools depending on your learning requirements for a particular subject area.


Training and Work Shop Examples

Customer Centric Strategy/Marketing Automation

How to use Analytics in your business and why?

Predictive Analytics Workshop

Why do I need a Data Strategy and what are the elements?

How to create a customer centric experience and why. Overview of business analytics and how they drive value. Definition of Predictive versus Descriptive Analytics Data is the foundation of all knowledge
How can analytics help to inform the customer journey. Types of Analytics and Questions that they answer. Types of Predictive Analytics and their applications to your business. What is Enterprise Data Strategy and Governance
Customer Experience/CRM Needs Skills within the firm. Regression Modeling for Cross Sell and Retention Data Warehousing versus Marts
Customer Definitions and Metrics Tools/Technology Optimization Modeling Business Intelligence Tools
Omni-Channel Marketing and Automation(Marketing Automation) Analytics Applications: Social and Digital Intelligence Insource versus Outsource Executive Dashboards: KPI’s and more.
Tools and Methods Business Intelligence and Measurement How do you know your models are working? Big Data Platforms
1 Day $3000(exc travel) 1 Day $5000(exc Travel) 1 Day $5000(exc Travel) 1 Day $3000(Exc. Travel)