Advisors on Call

Our marketing and analytics advisory services provides one hour consultative sessions where we help marketers and analytics professionals with strategic and situational issues including:

CMO/CAO/CDO Executive Advisor Adoption/Influence Staffing/HR Tools and Techniques
Advise on analytics strategy and push executive thinking, coaching and helping to define deliverables and initiatives that drive impact. I can’t get my boss to agree to apply this regression model to our cross selling program?  How do I win her over and prove to her that the costs are far exceeded by the benefits? We are hiring an analytics executive what competencies and skills should we be looking for? Who are the best firms to host a CRM or Marketing Automation Solution and why?
Content Expertise:  Advise on Marketing and Analytics Best Practices in a particular subject area. How do I influence the CMO to try Marketing Mix Modeling? Who are the best recruiters in the space for hiring marketing talent at the leadership level. We just hired a new analytics firm to build our response models how do I know they are working correctly?
Identify reference material such as published research or books that can help solve the executives problems. I need to build a better relationship with the CIO who is supporting my initiatives so that they work with me to get things done. Can you make a referral for this job I am trying to fill? I am trying to do a segmentation scheme of my best customers what methods or tools would you suggest?
Advise on complex problems that can not be solved internally. I need to convince my management committee to invest in a data warehouse how do I go about this? My bosses boss doesn’t like one of my direct reports but I and my colleagues disagree with this boss, but my boss is insisting on giving him or her a lower performance rating what do I do? I want to test out a more advanced analytics technique such as constrained optimization how would you recommend I go about this.
Design or plan events, activities and seminars such as focus summits or innovation seminars that drive change. My boss has asked me to set up a governance model for a large project how do I go about this and what might it look like. My boss has asked me to do something that I don’t feel comfortable with how do I handle this interaction without ruining my career? I am looking for a special type of data and company that can help me append social and b2b data to my marketing database.
Help broker or relationship manage new partner or vendor relationships in marketing or analytics. My boss has asked me to present to a certain committee to get approval for xyz initiative I am really nervous how do I prepare and ensure success? My CEO has asked me to build out an Enterprise Data Strategy with a common customer key where do I start?
Provide feedback on the way the executive is planning their activities or deliverables to serve as a point of calibration and best practices.